Director's Cut

Shot in Victoria Market, Nottingham
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Samyang Lenses
press: Leftlion​​​​​​​
Excerpt from Leftlion Interview with Joe Bone

Why did you choose to shoot it in the Vic Centre?
We have a lot of local pride and love anything steeped in classic Nottingham iconography - we shot part of our first video in the Victory Club in Beeston, where I used to work behind the bar. At first we were thinking of trying to film in the foyer of the Savoy Cinema, but it was looking a bit tricky logistically. Then Mark, who directed the vid, was walking through the market and sent us some pictures of these empty stalls, which looked perfect. It’s such a cool spot, full of character, and feels like a total time warp when you enter from the mad crush of mindless Saturday shoppers of the main part of town​​​​​​​.

Who shot the video? Do you normally shoot in this sort of intimate, close-up style? 
The video was shot by our friends Mark Campbell-Garrity and Fatosh Olgacher who say: “The look of the video was inspired by films such as Chungking Express (frequently cited in top 25 films to see before you die) to tap into the viewers subconscious feeling of nostalgia. Since the song is so intimate we set out to recreate that in the shooting style, the frequent circling motions indicating the passing of time as the market regulars stop to look in, much like visitors into our lives. The close ups of the band are there to distance them from their observers, creating a 3D effect that brings the market to life.”
Did the general public approach you when filming in the Vic Centre?
We did get a fair amount of attention! The owner of the handbag stall behind where we were filming was loving it, nodding along to the song, which is probably a good thing as he had to listen to it about 20 times in a row! One bloke came up to us at the start and told us he was “no stranger” to the stage, as he often sings in church, before treating us to a baritone rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. There was also an old guy in a leather jacket and cowboy hat who watched us for a bit and danced along, you can see him in the background early on. Everyone was really nice to be fair, though one group of young lads did stand behind me at one point, mimicking my playing and calling me “Keyboard Jesus”. But that’s probably fair enough haha.

Official Video