BBC New Creatives commission due for broadcast on BBC4 and BBC iplayer later this year.

Birdcage follows two girls who conspire to escape from an authoritarian society where young people are placed in cages until marriage. Both humans and birds are social creatures and suffer when living in isolation (source: PETA). Modern humans, like caged birds, are isolated and disconnected. The cages are a metaphor for chastity belts of the mind and how society dictates that we disconnect from ourselves and each other emotionally.
Shot on Arri Amira and Arri Alura 18-80mm.
Directed, Written and Produced by 
Mark Campbell Garrity
Safia Oakley-Green
Justine Moore
Jenn Day
Philip Robinson
Michael Muyunda
Spike Fearn
Theresa Campbell
Sophie Bloor
Director of Photography & Associate Producer 
Fatosh Olgacher
1st Assistant Camera
Joe Nichols
2nd Assistant Camera
Omar Soomro
1st Assistant Director
Oliver Blair
Location Sound
Alex Stroud
Lewis James Thompson
Production Assistant
Jayne Slater
Production Design
Rosie Sutton
Costume Design 
Miss Patina
Universal Works
Daniel Hanson
Birdcage Build 
Kevin Springett (One BC)
Head of Wardrobe 
June Winter (One BC)
Hair and Make up Stylist
April Green
Music Composer
Madison Willing
Sound Design
Henry Sims
Offline Editor
Francesca Kemp
Fatosh Olgacher
BTS Photography
Emily Damyan
Camera Kit
Feral Equipment
With thanks to
Stephen Went 
Reeta Brack
Tony Brack
Rosamund Hanson
Julie Hanson
Simon Wallwork
Kurtis Baker
Daniel Longhurst 
Megan Smith 
Ayshe Raif 
Sabrina Sakhai 
Mani Rezaei
Dan McGrath 
Nic Harvey 
Jayne Stubbs 
Alex Withers
Post Production Co-ordinator
David Jones
Online Production
Programme Associate
Julie Colman
Rosie Shewell
Commissioning Executive for the BBC
Stephen James-Yeoman
Executive Producer
Grant Black